After spending 6 years with JET Aviation Basel in the aircraft planning department and being at the end in charge of the large aircraft group, Mickael saw the need for some BBJ operators to have customized and dedicated maintenance planning services.

Indeed, in those days, the requirement to contract CAMO was not yet in place, but neither the operator nor their contracted repair station could offer efficient services and this is how AMES came to life. Starting with only 2 clients for 3 BBJs, Mickael developed dedicated IT tools and his team to offer today recognized CAMO services for 20 airplanes.

With over 15 years of experience in maintenance planning on the Boeing airplanes, Mickael is a full member of the Boeing BBJ Maintenance Advisory Board (MAB). "My goal is actually to make our clients understand that our services will ensure that their aviation asset value is maintained to the highest standards, and considering that none of our customers has left us, I feel that we have succeeded but we need to convince a few more operators and owners!"

Contact Mickael:

E-mail: mickael [at] (subject: Contact%20Website%20-%20AMES%20Team)

Cell phone: +33 673 463 762


​Jerome joined AMES in 2010, just after graduating from the INSA Centre Val de Loire engineering school (Formerly ENIVL) and after spending few months in Argentina to get a specialized Master Degree in Aeronautics from the IUA (Instituto Universitario Aeronautico) in Cordoba, and after his internship at Snecma.

Jerome is working as an Airworthiness Engineer as well as a Quality Manager in AMES, he is mainly dealing with Gulfstream, Airbus aircraft and EASA commercial operators.


Contact Jerome:

E-mail:  jerome [at] (subject: Contact%20Website%20-%20AMES%20Team)               

Cell phone: +33 681 388 456              

Christophe COQUELET

Christophe joined the team back in 2011, after being graduated from engineering school Institut Polytechnique Des Sciences Avancées (IPSA) and after spending a few months with Turbomeca (Safran Helicopter Engines) and Snecma (Safran Aircraft Engines).

Christophe works as an engineer in AMES airworthiness, and considering its origin, is an expert in the engine team.




Laurence joined AMES in 2011 and she is working only part time to assist the airworthiness engineers in administrative tasks and she is also Mickael’s assistant, taking care of accounting among other duties.

When not working for AMES she is also a professional nurse with over 15 years of practice.

Miguel BODIN

Miguel is the junior of the team, he joined AMES as an IT specialist and Airworthiness Engineer Assistant back in 2014 and showed a real interest for AMES activities.
Considering his background and his wish to become an airworthiness engineer, we decided together to make him join the IMA (Institute of Aeronautical Maintenance) in Bordeaux for 2 years of education.

In September 2016, Miguel graduated from this engineering school with a specialization in avionics. He joined the team as a full-time airworthiness engineer, he also maintain AMES IT tools on a daily basis.