Company History

AMES story started back in April 2006 when Mickael VILLERMET created the company as an Engineering and Planning support provider.

At this time the CAMO was not a requirement, but, our first two customers understood the need to have dedicated and customized maintenance planning services beyond the regular maintenance work provided by the repair stations and the web based maintenance tracking system.

Based on our experience we decided to focus on the large VIP aircraft business and we initially had 3 Boeing BBJs under contract. After 12 years of operation we now count 24 airplanes under contract among which 14 are B737 BBJs making us the leading independant CAMO for this market.

Today we offer our CAMO services to high individuals VIP aviation departments as well as head-of-state VIP aviation division being part of the contry air force.

We are in a strategic location only 5 minutes away from the Basel airport which is one of the largest locations (world-wide) for VIP airplane maintenance and completion.

Our experienced staff can offer you various services on a long term basis or on ad-hoc request, simply contact us and we will respond.