Nowadays computers are everywhere and as a leading technological field of application, current aircraft are very sophisticated and count several field loadable softwares. Since we are the CAMO for the latest Boeing 787-9 we are now familiar with the notion of "E-enabling". Indeed the 787 is counting more than 300 field loadable softwares and the notions of security, licensing and configuration management are of essential importance.

Security being a master piece, the FAA is now focusing on those matters under the Aircraft Network Security Program (ANSP), referred as OpSpec D301, and we can consider that every new modern aircraft is affected. This is a new dimension in our aviation world and we all need to be prepared for this revolution.

We have been working closely with Boeing IT teams and in the process of setting all the requirements to achieve the E-enabling structure (ground server and procedures) in order to be a position to control and distribute safely all the on-board softwares.

This additional service offered by AMES is in close relation with our existing capacities since every software is considered a LSAP (Loadable Software Aircraft Part) and we have the ability to track it in our internal ADEL system, including any expiration certificate date. The relation between installed LSAP and its related LRU is also part of our system structure which will allow us to edit a complete LSAP inventory and status report.

Even though the 787 is a precursor in terms of E-enabling extend, the B737NG E-enabling is only a step away and AMES will be ready for the transition to a full digital LSAP management.

Please contact us if you want us to assist you to achieve your E-enabling requirements.