Homemade Tracking

With over 15 years of experience using widespread maintenance tracking systems in the VIP aircraft world, AMES has decided back in 2010 to have its own dedicated system to better suits its CAMO needs, with a closer focus on traceability. After more than 5 years of existence and several audits from customers and air authorities, our solution has been appreciated and has been proven to be efficient. Every single maintenance work, from scheduled maintenance task, part change, modification, alteration, service bulletin or STC SB for example, are tracked under repair station work order which makes it very convenient and easy to retrieve the compliance paper-work.

Our system called ADEL (Aircraft Documenation Electronic Library) is a flexible and customized tool, always alive and under motion, the last feature added being the capacity to track aircraft systems with a direct link to all the associated technical publications. This allows us to directly issue a configuration listing which can be used by the crew to determine which systems are installed (is my aircraft TCAS 7.1 compliant for example) or to provide a full specification list for market value if required.

Our tool is really made to assist us in our daily CAMO tasks and you will benefit from all its capacities when under CAMO contract with us.

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