Pre-Purchase Inspection

AMES can offer so called "Pre-purchase Inspection" records review services and supporting activities in order to provide you with a comprehensive report which will assist you in your aircraft acquisition process.

Even though our core business is the large VIP airplane market (Boeing / Airbus / Gulfstream) we can also perform aircraft records review and maintenance records audit on a large spectrum of aircraft types. We have already performed reviews on Dassault Falcon 900 or 2000 Series and MD-87 for example.

Our reviews are always based on your specific needs and will contain as a minimum:

  • Airworthiness Directives complete review for airframe, engines and appliances;
  • Maintenance programme audit
  • Maintenance tracking system audit;
  • Modification (STCs and minor modifications) audit;
  • Damage and repair review;
  • Maintenance records inventory and audit;
  • Airframe, Engine and APU log books review;

Upon request we can also add the following recommended items:

  • TC holder Service Bulletins review;
  • STC holder Service Bulletins review;
  • Engine health monitoring analysis;
  • Aircraft configuration review against current and coming requirements;

Please contact us for a customized work-scope and we will handle your request.