Our company is EASA Part M Subpart G & I and OTAR 39 (Bermuda and Cayman) approved, please check each approval for current rating but in case the aircraft type you are considering is not listed please contact us, we are flexible and could add it to our approval upon request.

From current or past CAMO experience we can assist you with FAA, Aruba, Saudi Arabia and Isle of Man registered airplanes and we are in a position to offer similar CAMO services even though those countries do not mandate the contract of a CAMO. We have established good lines of communication with those air authorities and we can make you benefit from this experience.

Whether your air authorities mandate you to contract a CAMO or you simply want, like many of our customers, ensure your aircraft safety and value is taken care of, AMES can offer you the full scope of CAMO services such as:

  • Configuration Management
    • Airworthiness Directives (ADs) for airframe, engines, APU and appliances;
    • Airframe Service Bulletins (SBs) and Service Letters (SLs);
    • Engine SB/SLs;
    • APU SB/SLs;
    • Modifications (STCs, Eos...);
    • Repairs and damages;
  • Maintenance Programme Development and review;
  • Maintenance Tracking for parts and tasks;
  • Task cards development;
  • Maintenance planning for scheduled maintenance;
  • Maintenance projects preparation;
  • Maintenance projects review;
  • Maintenance status update;
  • Maintenance history control;
  • Warranty management;
  • Aircraft documents management;
  • Aircraft times (flying hours and cycles) control;
  • Certificate of Airworthiness Renewal preparation and assistance;
  • Maintenance invoices and quotations review;